East Anglia Laundry is your eco-friendly commercial laundry.

This environmental policy is to ensure that we are doing our bit for the environment, we aim to make our business use practises that lessen or eliminate any adverse effects on the environment. As a company we are committed to taking on the environmental challenge and overcoming it with eco-friendly technology.

From monitoring all of our emissions to using modern and efficient plant equipment, we are able to offer an eco-friendly laundry and linen rental service throughout our region.

East Anglia Laundry will:

Commit to minimising its impact on the local and global environment and on the quality of life of the local communities in which the company operates

Commit to achieving continuing improvements

Comply with and where practicable, exceed all relevant environmental legislation

Continually improve the education of staff within the environmental legislation

Take positive steps to conserve all resources, especially those which are scarce or non-renewable

Monitor and work towards targets for improved environmental performance and will record the results honestly and accurately

Provide as much information as possible to enable its products to be stored, utilised and disposed of, so as to avoid unacceptable effects on man or the environment

If you have any questions regarding our environmental policy or eco-friendly linen services, please speak to one of our friendly and helpful team today.

East Anglia Laundry has grown to be the preferred laundry and linen rental partner of choice for the hospitality, leisure and healthcare industries in the East Anglia & East Midlands area. Contact us now for your no obligation quote.

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