We aim to save owners and operators of hospitality and leisure businesses by making life so much easier for housekeepers and staff. Our quality of linens and first class service ensure the look and feel of each of your rooms and tables is enhanced therefore leaving your guests so impressed!

Are you fed up of your current service provider?

Do you have the issues below frequently?

Old & Tired Pool Stock

Are you sharing linen on a pool service with other hotels in the area? East Anglia Laundry only offer dedicated linen services therefore your stock of linen is for your exclusive use only. We only provide brand new stock to all new clients so do away with old, worn bed sheets and dull grey towels.

Low Quality Linens

At East Anglia Laundry, we offer clients a choice of linen categories dependant on your requirements. We can help with budget styles all the way up to 100% cotton bed linen and fluffy 700gsm towels for that exclusive boutique hotel. Whatever your requirements are, we can certainly help.

Missed Deliveries

Are you promised deliveries and they never arrive? Is your agreed delivery schedule not being kept? We pride ourselves on our delivery record therefore we ensure deliveries are made on time, every time. We understand no one wants cages full of soiled linen around their premises for guests to come across so we pre-agree a schedule of collections and deliveries which we adhere to.

Poor Customer Service

Are you fed up of just being a number and lack the love a customer should be receiving? Customer care is high up on our agenda at all times which is shown by our reputation for first class customer service. We genuinely care about each of our clients and you are assigned a dedicated account manager to oversee all queries.

High Rejects

Were you promised zero rejects and now have reject rates of 15/ 20% by your current supplier? Our quality control is superb and we currently have the lowest rates of rejects in our region. We strive to ensure fresh linen is always ready to use so your housekeepers don’t have to make wasted repeat trips to the linen room and back which ends up costing you more money.

Price Increases

Are you sick of seeing the dreaded annual price increase letter arrive through the post from your current service provider? At East Anglia Laundry, we ensure prices are fixed for the duration of your agreement. The longer the agreement, the longer the prices remain fixed.

Hidden Charges

Are you being charged for laundry bags? What about laundry cages? You weren’t informed of some of the hidden charges that you now see regularly on your laundry invoice? We keep it simple, there are no hidden charges associated with our service. You either simply pay a fixed price, pay for what you use or pay for a minimum charge if you have one.

Rigid Processes

When you have a query or ask for additional deliveries, are you met by the same robotic answers each time. We are proud to deliver a flexible service to work around you, our customer. We always try and accommodate all queries within reason leading to happy customers.

Our switch services are streamlined so why not give us a call or contact us via this button to see how we can help you?

East Anglia Laundry has grown to be the preferred laundry and linen rental partner of choice for the hospitality, leisure and healthcare industries in the East Anglia & East Midlands area. Contact us now for your no obligation quote.

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